Pray for the new Christians in Malawi

Rev. Amos Siyabu Phiri leads the FEBA/FEBC ministry in Malawi. There are over 850 listener clubs throughout Malawi, each with between 15-30 people in each group. Each listener group has a leader, and each area has the equivalent to an area supervisor. The organisation of these groups, which has grown almost organically, is very well structured. Most of the leaders are pastors and there is a very good partnership and synergy with all the churches of various denominations.

The radio ministry communicates the good news and relates to the issues of the people, and as a result it is having a powerful impact on the people of Malawi. It is well supported by the equal distribution of ‘talking Bibles’ when radios are given out. The voice on the talking Bible is that of Amos, who does all the recording and translation from his small home studio – thus they know the man on the radio as the one who brings them the Bible.

The focus of the ministry in Malawi is to the Yao people – a Muslim, hard-to-reach people group. It is not an easy thing for the Yao people to commit to following Jesus, and yet many are doing so as a result of their learning about Him. Malawi is extraordinarily poor, with subsistence living. In these areas Muslims plant Mosques every 5 kilometres and provide bags of Maize to those who follow Islam. Yet despite their poverty, people are choosing to follow Jesus instead.

Amos carries out a huge amount of work at FEBC Malawi. He traverses all areas of Malawi usually on motorbike, and during the wet season that means pushing through thick mud and swollen creeks and rivers.

Please pray:

  • For energy and health for Amos, as his is only a small team
  • For funds for the distribution of more solar ‘Talking Bibles’
  • For the new Christians amongst the Yao people. May God grant them strength and hope in their new faith, and protect them from opposition
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