No Passport? No Problem

“I cried when I received my radio. Now my family is so happy because we can listen to Christian programs whenever we want.”
This missionary doesn’t need a visa or passport, is immune to tropical diseases, never needs a holiday, works 24 hours a day and speaks over 100 languages.

Portable radios – wind-up or solar – are the means by which people in many remote areas of the world are able to listen to FEBC’s broadcasts.

In many of these areas a large proportion of the people cannot read or write, so radio is a key means of communication.

The radios are pre-tuned to the relevant FEBC station(s), where listeners can hear not only the Gospel message, but also music, news and other quality-of-life programs designed to enhance their daily lives.

Give a radio for $30

Sometimes, one radio serves five churches or maybe seven families, and they take turns by three days or a week as they share and then it is handed on to the next.

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