Rajiya’s story

As a small child Rajiya was abandoned by her prostitute mother and unknown father, and raised in the slum as an orphan.

While very young she married to find love, help, security and an opportunity to leave the slum. However, from the outset her husband abused her. She had a child to this man, but the strong physical violence increased, and so too his unfaithfulness. She and her 4 year old son now live back in the slum.

Other women introduced her to FEBC’s radio programs because they had found help and hope in their messages. She testifies to the programs speaking hope into her life. She does not have her own radio and listens with her friends in a small dwelling made of corrugated iron, cardboard and plastic. Through a $30 donation we were able to supply a radio to her and she now invites others to listen with her in her home.

Rajiya now wants to learn more about Jesus, because she has heard from FEBC’s radio programs how He knows and loves her. She is on a journey of understanding and experiencing the love of God for the first time in her life.

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