Reaching further: the ends of the earth

A modern day Acts, the nation of Mongolia has moved from a country steeped in Buddhism, Shamanism and atheism to one that now knows Christ; at last count 100,000 people, mostly under the age of 30, now call themselves Christians. FEBC Mongolia has been involved: sharing the Good News via radio and partnering with churches. Recently FEBC Mongolia expanded its broadcast reach to the Hovd province, the western-most area of Mongolia, over 1500 kilometres from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital. Jaina called to share how encouraging the new program had been to her and her family:

“I am Kazakh nationality. My husband and I have two children. We live in Hovd province. Our motherland Hovd province is located in the westernmost area of Mongolia. One year ago I heard that FEBC broadcast’s branch radio station was launched and aired in our province.

“My husband is a builder. Several months ago wounded his back when working on a construction site. Due to his medical leave, financial, mental and relationship problems happened in my family.

“I am a regular listener of the Kazakh program, which is aired in the Hovd province aiming to provide and to recover Kazakh language and culture. I love hearing one part of the program to tell his/her testimonies. While hearing horrible and delighted stories of another one, I often deeply think about myself and understand life’s meaningfulness. Story tellers also share how God helped them from harm and through problems and situations. I think that all my heart had being prepared to hear a word of Lord and to receive Him according to the testimonies.

“Then I attended the Kazakh program’s listener meeting. A young Kazakh woman told us about Jesus Christ. In that day I made the most valuable and important decision in all my life. I received Jesus as my Saviour.

“Since I believed in Jesus Christ, I have more deeply understand the biblical meaningfulness and content of the program. According to the testimonies of others, I understood God confirms though things in our life and He also gives His power and method to overcome difficulties.

“Due to the Kazakh program, my mind was completely changed. A few months ago my husband also listened to the program with me. He likes that there is a program to tell us about the culture and arts of Kazakh.

“I have been attending in Kazakh women fellowship… we share our lives and study the Bible. Now my husband usually attends Christian church. There he talks to Kazakh men about testimonies of people, history and cultures of Kazakh nationality he has heard from the radio program.”

Praise God for the impact of radio!

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