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Saanvi and her daughters

“I was married in 2004. Life was good after marriage. Everything was well. Our elder daughter was born in 2005. When I was pregnant, my mother-in-law’s attitude to me changed. She asked me to do a prenatal sex determination test. But I refused to do such a test.”

“My husband, an engineer in a private company, supported me. He stood by me all along, and after all this my eldest daughter was born. After a while, I conceived again. Again my mother-in-law pressured me to do a prenatal sex determination test. When we said it could be a girl child, we were harassed. My husband was beaten up. But still we did not do an examination. We endured all this and we were blessed with our second daughter.”

This is the story of Saanvi* and her daughters, a wife and mother in North India whom God has used powerfully through FEBC radio.

Due to horrendous pressure from her in-laws, including an incident when her mother-in-law pushed the newborn baby girl onto the floor intending her harm, Saanvi believed they would never let the girls or the family live in peace.

Saanvi said: “I thought it was wise to leave that place. My husband and I, along with our daughters left. We hunted for a job and with someone’s help we got a job after a month and a half. We decided to bring up our two daughters well. Then I realised that I was pregnant again after 6 months. Again I was harassed by my in-laws saying that it would be a girl again. I told them that I would not abort the baby. It is a God-given life within me. So it deserved to live. Then I gave birth to a boy. After knowing it was a boy, my mother in law sent a message through a friend of mine asking me to return home.

“But I asked myself, why is there so much discrimination between a boy and a girl in our society? And then I heard a radio program on FEBA India on women’s empowerment.”

Saanvi heard a story of an elderly lady who hadn’t had the opportunity to be educated. “Her story was similar to mine. She too endured a lot of suffering. She was an elderly woman, but I am a younger woman, with education, so how can I remain silent? I decided to do something.”

Motivated by what she heard on the Hamari Bediyan radio programs by FEBC, she began to reach out to women in similar need. “I applied all that I have learnt through the FEBC radio programs and began to help people. I did everything for free… I never asked for support or money from anyone.”

Saanvi has helped many women in need, including helping them in employment. She teaches orphan children how to use computers, and offers home-based tutoring – all for free.

“What is there that a woman can’t do today?” asks Saanvi. “I have encouraged women to take up driving classes and helped them apply for paid roles. I appreciate the Hamari Bediyan team and thank them for all that they do to help women and how much awareness they are raising.”

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