Saved from Sex Slavery

    I trusted that man who showed compassion and promised me a bright future and good salaried job.” Saachi* shared about her trafficker. It is a common tactic used by traffickers.  

    Persons can be trafficked for various reasons, including forced marriages, organ harvest and forced labour. Whilst the factors that human traffickers prey on are varied, there are some commonalities: poverty, lack of economic opportunities, lack of education, lack of awareness, and cultural biases.  

    To prevent human trafficking, FEBC and partners have programs that educate and engage listeners on these issues.

    Within India, experts, professionals, and prominent women are invited to share in on-air and online dramas, interviews, talk shows, and magazine-style programs. Topics include poverty and unemployment, trafficking, sexism and gender bias, and patriarchy, amongst others.  

    There are also trafficking awareness events, counselling, and listener follow-ups. These are provided to vulnerable communities.  

    Delivered from Hell on Earth 

    New listeners Saachi and her husband belong to one such community. The couple and her two children live in extreme poverty, struggling even with basic needs. Saachi was desperate for a job to help the family. So she fell into the trap. 

    When Saachi’s husband could not reach Saachi for a few days, he grew extremely anxious. Remembering the program he heard on the radio, he frantically rang the response line.   

    FEBC’s partners wasted no time. They immediately collaborated with another organisation that specialises in combating human trafficking. A police report was lodged. Soon after, a massive search for Saachi ensued. The team prayed fervently. And God responded. 
    When the team finally found her, Saachi was visibly shaken and broken. She had been sold into prostitution. 
    I lost all my hope and thought that I would never be freed from that hell and never see the faces of my children.” But through FEBC’s partners and the police force, God would be her deliverer. 
    “Now, I am happily living with my family. My happiness and freedom are only because of the program which saved my life.” 
    Please pray for God to heal and restore Saachi and her family. Pray for others like her to be rescued too. Pray for God to use the programs by FEBC’s partners in India to prevent more trafficking incidents. 

    *Name changed for security reasons. 

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