Seven Generations shaped by FEBC Gospel Broadcasts

"It all started with my great, great, great grandmother, who first tuned into FEBC’s Liangyou Radio in China more than 50 years ago. Later, after being called by God to become a pastor, my great grandfather established the Christian faith in our family. I’m the sixth generation of Christians; my children are the seventh.

Our journey to faith was not without difficulties. At a low point forty years ago, when living conditions in China were not good, it was impossible to gather in church. When our family’s spiritual life was very fragile, God introduced us to FEBC. It was like discovering a priceless treasure! We immediately began listening regularly. Liangyou Radio sowed a lot of seeds in our family. Now, my seven children and their families are also Christians.

We all serve God. If it were not for the broadcasters at FEBC who helped us keep our eyes on Jesus, this would not be possible.

Liangyou Radio has been a wonderful companion as long as I can remember. As a child, I loved listening to their programs until I fell asleep. My grandmother would also listen and shared much of what she learned with others. When I returned to China for a visit, I stayed with her for a few nights. In the evening, I laid in bed with her while she turned on Liangyou Radio. I was grateful I could still hear those familiar voices and programs, which evoked many beautiful childhood memories.

Liangou Radio is part of our family’s life to this day. It is such an honour to convey our gratitude on this special anniversary and to testify for the Lord. I want to share this with you all at FEBC: The field God gave you is a lot bigger than you think. The wheat you harvested through the years, is far more than you will ever know. Please continue serving God and ask Him for additional anointing to bless even more people. Thank you FEBC!"

It is almost incomprehensible, a small dream 75 years ago would eventually reach half the world’s population with the Gospel. The impossible only became possible because God was in the centre. FEBC is, after all, God’s ministry, we are here to serve and we’re grateful you have chosen to partner along-side us. We will continue to Let Them Hear.

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