Now I really want to meet and talk about Jesus

Bilguuntur - Mongolia

My name is Bilguuntur. I was born in Ulan Bataar (Mongolia’s capital), and live there with my wife and two children.

As a teenager my life was all about rock and roll. My style was all rock – my clothing, music, friends, attitude … everything was rock.
I did go to church for a while but my attitude was bad and I spoke to people like I didn’t care. I was not yet Christian and I thought that my life would be fine without any church at all.

I met my wife and we got married. She has been going to Sunday School and church all her life. I am so thankful that I married a Christian woman. I made at least one right decision!

She loved church, church members and Jesus Christ. After we were married she kept going to church but I did not go with her. Our two children came along and it seemed that life was just passing by, saying, “Welcome to the fast lane.”

Then I started listening to WIND FM. Since then, I have believed in God. I can listen on head phones while I am at work. I like listening to God’s Word and I was very encouraged by hearing about the life of Moses. (I still like to listen to rock music but God’s Word is good to hear.)

Now I really want to meet and talk about Jesus. I want to know more how to receive Jesus Christ as my Saviour. I have realised that I made the wrong decision in disagreeing to go to church with my wife. I always knew she wanted to be part of church but I resented her going. Now I regret that. I want to know Jesus better and to meet with his people there.

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