The harvest continues in Malawi

The Malawi Production Team has been going about visiting Yao Muslims in their respective villages using commuter buses (on the good roads) and motorcycles (on the bad roads). Villages visited include Ntcheu, Balaka, Mangochi, and Zomba. FEBC Malawi’s director, Amos Siyabu Phiri tells us: “Of course, not only are we visiting but we also share the word of God with them. People are responding to our call. Many are thankful as to what FEBC is doing for them via a radio.”

Recently Amos delivered new radios to the leader of the listener clubs in Ntcheu. “To them it’s like a dream come true. And they have promised that they will take care of the radios and make sure that everyone at Sululu village will hear the Word of God through listening to them,” he said.

Amos and the team were also in Zomba for a baptism service and about
21 were baptised. These were men and women who had converted from Islam. Hawa Amidu had this to say: “Finally the day of baptism is here for me to become new woman in God and join His Church. Thanks be to God who among other things made me new creation starting from today on.’’

“I listen to your broadcast every afternoon and evening. A lot of times I feel depressed because of my health problems, but every single program gives me joy and peace of mind. But sometimes I’m sad because I don’t have a radio of my own in the house.”FEBC listener, Malawi

The Yao people today are more open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ than ever before. Most of the people are Muslims and today many are willing to listen to the word of God through our radio broadcasts and ABTs.

“Today there are many that are gathering to listen to our broadcasts and we thank God for these people since it is a great testimony to us as the team. Among other things we also thank God that they have joined the Church of Jesus Christ and they are mobilising other Muslim fellows to join them in their listening groups they have created in their villages. Many are happy with our broadcasts,” said Amos.

In less than a month, radio has helped win 45 hearts to Christ, and FEBC has also managed to create 50 listener clubs in Ntcheu alone.

Quality programming impressing many
Among other things, Amos and the team are very busy producing SW and FM programs as the quality and style of the programs produced is very important. Listener feedback has been extremely positive. “People ask us if we could be on air more and to please establish our own FM station to broadcast full time in the Yao language.” Please pray that God will provide resources.

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