“To the God I heard about on the radio…”

In a South-East Asian village, a woman listens to FEBC programs in her language, every day and night. She is a Buddhist. After many months, she comes to believe in God through the radio, although she has only some idea of what that means.

One day her husband becomes seriously ill and cannot eat. There is no doctor in their village to help him. However, at that time she remembers the speaker on FEBC radio who said, “God is alive and whoever prays to Him, He will answer.”

She takes two cups of cooked rice and places them beside her sick husband. She prays, “To the God that I heard about on the radio, I will give my husband this rice. Please heal him with your power. I believe in you.” After that, she feeds him and eats the rice. The next morning, her husband is completely healed and returned to normal.

Her son drinks a great deal of alcohol and one day comes home very drunk. She is sad. So she gets a cup of water and prays, “To the God I heard about on the radio, please help my son not to drink alcohol anymore after I give him this simple water to drink.”

After her prayer, she gives him the water. Since that day, her son doesn’t drink anymore.

Now the whole family is in community with another Christian family in their village where they share learning together about God.

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