What’s up next? Frequency 2019

Further webinars planned in 2019 include:

 Sergey Burklaka, Maxim Shargaev or Edward - one of the team members working with FEBC in the Slavyansk-war zone.

Takanori Nagakura, the Deputy Director of FEBC Japan.

While Japan’s official policy on religion suggests freedom of choice, the truth is quite different: those who attend a church are oftentimes ostracised by family and friends.

This is especially acute in a group-oriented society like Japan’s, where people make decisions based on the good of the group, not the individual. If someone belongs to a group out of the norm, such as Christianity, he or she is often cut off from familial attachments. This makes FEBC’s role all the more important, as we try to be both a teaching ministry and a worship service for a large number of listeners fearful of attending a church.

FEBC Japan airs its programs via AM radio from FEBC-Korea’s station 1566 AM in Jeju.

100% of FEBC Japan’s content is Christian. They include sermons, Bible studies, counselling programs, worship music, and testimonies. Other Support Ministries include a church/pastor visitation project that has been running for more than 13 years, which involves staff visiting churches all over Japan and encouraging people who tune into their broadcasts. For those unfamiliar with the radio program, literature and CDs are provided.

Most of the programs are distributed by MP3 discs and are also available online. Since 1980, FEBC-Japan has offered a Bible Correspondence Course to listeners and currently receives more than 300 letters/month from listeners/students.

Makara Samphal, the National Director FEBCambodia. With changes in Cambodia’s leadership after Sopheary became ill, we thought it would be excellent opportunity to introduce you to Makara who continues on God’s work through radio in Cambodia.

Further Prayer requests:

  1. For many in Japan, FEBC is their only church. It is the only Christian broadcast in all of Japan, where less than 1% of the population is believers. Please pray for our team. And please pray for the people of Japan, and that they will seek God.
  2. Pray for our team in Cambodia, headed up by director Makara. Our programs address spiritual, emotional and practical needs to complement the work of the Cambodian Church
  3. Radio is a vital communication tool in many areas of the world, especially in emerging nations. According to a report by the Asian Media Information Centre: "radio is the most widespread medium in Cambodia", where FEBC has been broadcasting for many years.  Across the ministry, FEBC not only produces 842 hours of programs per day, we also distribute thousands of radios to people who otherwise would not be able to purchase their own.
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