Why do you support FEBC Update

Thank you to all our supporters who have shared with us why they support FEBC’s mission. It is so encouraging. It is also really helpful to have such positive comments when we are introducing FEBC to new supporters.

“As newly-committed believers in the early 1970s my husband Geoff & I went to a regular prayer meeting where, on one occasion, the guest speakers were two representatives from FEBC. They told of some Christian prisoners in Siberia who had come in for their evening meal after a day’s hard labour in the snow. However there was absolutely no food. A pastor among them said, ‘ Well, let’s say grace anyway’. They did so and upon opening their eyes they saw food set out, not only for them but for the guards also. This story made such an impression on us that we have been supporting FEBC ever since. We love how it can reach across otherwise impassable borders, its efficient use of funds and the beautiful testimonies of people’s lives being changed by Jesus.”
– Geoff and Lesley Tilley, Kingston, Tasmania

“Prayer and radio waves have a lot in common – you cannot see them but the evidence of their power is overwhelming. Radio has improved over the years and how it can generate its own energy via solar and wind-up is powerful.”
– Norma Gaudion, Tamworth, NSW

My reasons for supporting FEBC is the simplicity of wind-up radios for areas where there is no electricity. It is such a cost effective way of sharing the Gospel. The fact too that radio waves can reach areas that are closed to any other method of outreach and areas with terrain that is too difficult to reach. Also it occurred to me that FEBC has a VICTORY over the “prince of the power of the air”!”
– Trish Riley, Bodalla, NSW

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