Why media/radio?

Why are radio and internet programs so important? Because they can reach populations that others can’t.

  • Hard-to-reach places - inaccessible by road
  • Across borders where missionaries can’t go
  • Millions who cannot read are able to listen

It’s crucial that FEBC provides our listeners with radios. Few things undermine the impact of our broadcasts more than our target audience being without radios. Yet this is a common problem in many remote and poverty-stricken regions where we broadcast the gospel.

In some cases, our listeners have no access to electricity, and a family or village can only listen to our broadcasts if we provide solar, wind-up or battery-operated radios. In other cases, our audience is so poor they could never afford to purchase a radio on their own.

For many who cannot read or write, radio is a key means of communication. The radios are pre-tuned to the relevant FEBC station(s), where listeners can hear not only the gospel message, but also music, news and other quality-of-life programs designed to enhance their daily lives.

What we have learned is this: when launching a new station or language broadcast, we must also distribute radios as part of that effort.

The cost of purchasing and placing one radio in the hands of a listener is $30. According to our international leaders, one radio often impacts at least 25 people in developing areas.

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