Women in Ministry

FEBC is fortunate to have a wonderful team of women across the world who are passionate about sharing Jesus and His Good News to so many listeners. Anita is a Missionary and broadcaster for FEBA India. In a recent interview she shared why she was called to serve.

Greetings Anita. How did you get into the ministry of FEBA India?

During my childhood, I used to listen to the radio and always had a desire to serve the Lord and this desire motivated me to write stories on different issues. This talent brought me to FEBA.

Through FEBC I was given a chance to serve God; when I joined, it was only producing and broadcasting biblical programs on shortwave. But times have changed listeners today have many media options. During my journey of radio broadcasting I met people from different walks of life and listened to their stories. What I heard compelled and motivated me to make programs for them. I rejoice that my small effort helped change the lives of many listeners and when they reciprocated how the programs impacted their lives, it motivated me to do even more for them. Despite many challenges I am still here serving the Lord and His people.

What are your strengths as a woman ministering to women?

Being a woman, I know and understand the issues of women. It is easy for other women to open their hearts and share their stories with me, even their personal matters. My faith in Jesus is my strength. I am called by my Lord to serve women and bring a smile to their faces.

What is the most satisfying moment in your ministry so far?

My programs speak into a number of sensitive issues women face here. It is wonderful to receive feedback from those who have come to the Lord and accepted Him into their lives as a result of listening to my programs. It has given me a sense of confidence and believe that I can help and show more women the true path of life.

Who is your role model?

My role model is Jesus Christ, because He selflessly served people. I too endeavor to do the same.

What is the one message you would like to leave in the hearts of women listening to you?

Trust God as you are created in His own image. He loves you, so obey Him and act accordingly. You are the pillar of the family so be educated, be aware, and make yourself secure, so that you can help your family and the community.

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