Calm in the Storm

    Yao Shun used to be a thug until he met the love of his life. He got married, had five children, and turned 180 degrees from being a thug to a follower of Jesus.  

    But seven years ago, Yao Shun suffered a stroke. His wife deserted him and took their children with her. With no one to take care of him, Yao Shun stopped taking his meals. He could not. There was no food and nothing he could do. Even just going to the restroom, Yao Shun was helpless.  

    When FEBC Indonesia’s charity arm YASKI Foundation visited Yao Shun, the team found him with very limited mobility. They helped him to the restroom. Yao Shun admitted that he was forced to sleep in the living room. The bedroom, not having been maintained, was too dirty to be in.  

    FEBC Indonesia’s YASKI Foundation making house visits, bringing rations and hope to marginalised individuals and families.

    Yao Shun’s condition weighed on his mind. Ignored by his own family, he felt rejected and utterly alone, until the YASKI’s team’s visit. FEBC’s YASKI Foundation has been actively reaching out to the marginalised and the forgotten in Indonesian society. During COVID, they distributed necessities, and visited and prayed for many individuals and families. They also gave out radios so people could hear God’s Word. 

    Finding hope and peace

    That was how Yao Shun became a listener of FEBC Indonesia’s Heartline FM Tangerang radio. Although the mobility of the rest of his body was impeded, Yao Shun’s hearing was not. His ears were still able to listen well.  

    "Heartline radio is my friend every day, I feel less lonely, and my heart becomes calm listening to Heartline's spiritual programs," said Yao Shun to the team.

    Yao Shun confessed, if there was no Heartline radio program, he probably would have already killed himself. He hopes that through the interaction program on the radio, he can find friends to talk to and they can strengthen one another. 

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    *Update: Yao Shun is now home in heaven in the full presence of God, without any pain and suffering. 

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