FEBC Stands with India in Prayer and Support

As you have seen and heard, India is a nation engulfed in grief. In recent weeks we’ve been praying not only for communities we serve but also for the many staff members and their families impacted by COVID-19.

Our team was deeply saddened to hear from a dear sister and FEBC India programmer that her husband had passed away. She could not attend the funeral because her only son (28 years old), was also infected and she was desperately trying to find a hospital that would take him in. Sadly, her son also passed away.

Please pray for our grieving sister-in-Christ and for the millions of others suffering as the pandemic continues to decimate this vast nation. Modern India has never experienced such a scale of devastation.

Our solace as we think of our FEBC family in India is that God is with us even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death (Psalm 23:4).

The worst affected are the most vulnerable (children, women, and elderly); the daily wage labourers, street vendors, and servants who have lost all sources of income due to lockdowns, migration, and the second wave that has collapsed an already weak healthcare system.

The FEBC India team continues to work amidst challenging situations by providing practical support such as food parcels, hygiene kits, counselling, and words of encouragement. Where direct personal contact is not possible, they continue the work through various media channels for communication and provision of support.

Listenership is growing rapidly as people are desperately in need of relief, hope, and restoration during this crisis. This brings encouragement, seeing the impact of our work despite the desolate situation.

Our work across the globe has one common thread, we continue to adapt and be creative in how we provide much-needed practical support. FEBC remains committed to using media to provide relief and restoration along with practical acts of love in all seasons.

We connect with listeners through radio, phone helplines, internet, mobile apps, SMS, social media, and in-person (where possible) to bring comfort and hope in times of crisis.

“Your broadcasts are encouraging us at this very difficult time. We are daily wage earners and the pandemic has not only put an end to our small incomes, but my husband is now sick with the virus. There is little hope here right now, many people are dying and the suffering is immense. Yet, when I listen to your programs I feel at peace, even if only for a short while.”

Listener in India.

As unprecedented numbers of people turn to FEBC, our teams around the world are tireless in their pursuit to see communities and families restored.

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