Harvest Amongst the Reached

Christmas is a public holiday in South Korea. Special Christmas church services and carolling parties pop up during this special time. 31% of the population are evangelical Christians, but the majority of Koreans still do not know or acknowledge the Christ of Christmas. To these, Christmas is just a festive time spent shopping or with friends along the streets decked out in Christmas lights.  

Through 14 radio stations, FEBC Korea has been sharing the Christ of Christmas to the South and North Koreans. This ministry has borne much fruit. Each month, the ministry receives over 13,000 requests for follow-up on-air, and over 2,000 individual counselling requests. Every month God draws anything from over 300 to over 700 into His kingdom, and their lives are forever changed.  

Listener Testimonies: 

“Through FEBC Korea, I came closer to God, realizing that God has forgiven my sins and saved me from death. I have found the true gospel while listening to FEBC Korea. It felt like pouring living water into my thirsty soul. My life was saved! Thank you.” - Yeongdong Station listener 
“FEBC Korea has revived me like a welcoming rain. The broadcasts are sometimes like a friend, sometimes like a mentor, and sometimes as a watchman who makes me repent of sin. Just as you can't live without air, FEBC Korea is the air that makes me breathe.” - Mokpo Station listener 

“I was a monk for 20 years. During this time, I had cerebral haemorrhage. Through the ordeal, I answered God’s call and received Jesus. FEBC Korea introduced me to one church, where I have been attending worship service. I am gradually learning and realizing that the life I have now is more precious than the life I have enjoyed in the world. Even though my physical discomforts are not gone, God has been my strength through FEBC Korea.” - Pohang Station listener 
“I’ve been praying for my colleague, Ms Jang, for her soul, and also sent the prayer request to FEBC Korea’s radio prayer team. One day, she told me that she was thinking of God’s agape love, and I led her to realize God’s unconditional love for His children. She immediately gave a phone call to FEBC Korea where she finally accepted Jesus Christ as her Saviour. Thank God for His perfect plan and timing for salvation! Thank you, FEBC Korea, for praying with me for her.” - S.E. Jeolla Station listener 

“There is a nine-year-old girl in our church who is the only Christian in her family. She is the precious fruit of our prayers for three years. We finally had the chance to invite her younger brother to a FEBC Korea online children’s evangelical event. He could experience the joy of the gospel through interesting activities, such as singing, dancing, craft-making, and solving quizzes. The day after the event, the eight-year-old boy came to attend the worship service. Please pray for all the family.” - Gwangju Station listener 
“My mother was not a Christian. She went to the temple in the mountains every day. She always had a negative attitude towards churches and Jesus Christ. I’ve prayed for a long time for my mother's soul to be saved, but telling the gospel of Jesus Christ to her was very difficult. So, I decided to give her a radio as a gift and encouraged her to listen to FEBC Korea. She started listening to the radio every day when she was at home. One day, she listened to the pastor's sermon saying ‘Let's have a morning worship service’ on the radio. Then she opened the Bible while having the morning worship service through the radio. Hallelujah! Thank God for answering my prayer!” - Yeongdong Station listener

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