Heart to Heart: Radio, Music and Missions

“Vicarious absorption.” That’s how Mark describes it - how the music and messages we hear on the radio have the power to shape us.  

As a child, it was the music his parents played in the family home. As a teenager, it was the Billy Graham Crusades, reading the ‘Decision’ magazines, and the ‘Jesus Revolution’ of the early 70’s. 

Then, as a professional, Mark was on the other side of the equation: sales at 2CH; account executive at a Christian advertising agency; and once even support act for Andrae Crouch and Barry McGuire as part of Christian band ‘Still Waters’! His story is riddled with the words ‘radio’, ‘music’, and ‘media’.  

Integrated Mission Work

Mark is an active member of Windsor District Baptist Church (WDBC) in western Sydney, led by Pastor Jonathan Hoffman.  

Mark is involved with the men’s Hobby Shed and Fettlers’ Shed (model railway), both outreach ministries of WDBC. Christian blokes and non-churchgoers are regulars.  

Once a month, he drives the WDBC Adventurers sightseeing bus trips, which attract churchgoers and men from both sheds who don’t attend church. Gentle conversations about Christianity are happening at the two sheds and on trips.  

Gentle conversations about Christianity happen in the Fettler's Shed and Hobby Shed, which are outreach ministries of the church Mark is involved in.

Gentle conversations about Christianity happen in the Fettler's Shed and Hobby Shed, which are outreach ministries of the church Mark is involved in.

    As a member of the new church pastoral care team, in partnership with his wife Elizabeth and others, they provide additional support to church goers who are lonely, grieving, or struggling. 

    “It’s about reaching out and caring for them above and beyond what church folk might be able to normally do. 

    “We’re not counsellors.  My wife Elizabeth is a trained Pastoral Carer and worked in an Anglicare aged care home. If someone needs counselling, we’ll get the pastors involved.”  

    "I’ve always believed in the effectiveness of radio.”

    Never one to rest on his laurels, Mark’s other activities draw on his aptitude for radio, music, and media. He produces church services for Anglicare Sydney’s aged care homes.  

    Earlier, Mark spent six years overseeing ‘Evoke Radio’ at Anglicare, and in the ‘80’s managed a country radio station. Today he’s using his radio experience to create ‘Easy Listening Radio’: a brand-new station available online. It will soon launch across Australia. (Search easylisteningradio.com.au) 

    Mark will soon launch Australia’s newest internet radio station: ‘Easy Listening Radio’. It will feature only good news stories, positive vibes and some spiritual content, all free of commercials or any bad news.

    It was his passion for effective care ministry coupled with his experiences in media that drew him to the work of FEBC – God’s love in action, through radio. He’s rallied WDBC members to partner with FEBC Australia. The church has raised funds for over 200 radios to meet the needs of frontline soldiers and civilians in Ukraine. 

    But isn't radio obsolete these days? Not at all, according to Mark.  

    “I’ve always believed in the effectiveness of radio. ‘Companionship radio’ means a station can build a relationship with the listener. 

    “God is doing amazing things through FEBC. There will always be a place for radio.” 

    FEBC Australia thanks the Pastors, elders, deacons and members of Windsor District Baptist Church for partnering with us in God's Great Commission through their generous giving. 

    Want to get your community onboard to support FEBC? Let’s discuss! Email us at office@febc.org.au or call us on
    1300 720 017.

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