Hope After a Lifetime of Suffering

    When Cassim was little, he lived with his parents in Massangulo in N’Gauma District, north-western Mozambique. One day, his parents left him near a charcoal fire and forgot about it. The curious child went too close to the flames. When Cassim’s mother found him, she thought he was dead. 

    Cassim sustained such severe burns to both his legs that doctors decided to amputate him. Sadly, in Mozambique, people with disabilities are often marginalised. They face numerous challenges in daily life, mostly because there is little effort to accommodate their disabilities and grant them easy access to the things they need. It is difficult for disabled people to access and move around in hygiene facilities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and markets. 
    Unable to cope with the care of a disabled small child, Cassim’s parents abandoned him. As a result, Cassim had to fend for himself from a young age. He struggled his whole life with rejection, self-esteem, and trying to cope emotionally and physically with his disability. Life was meaningless to Cassim. 

    Finding hope

    Then Cassim came across a program called ‘Voice of Love’ from FEBC Mozambique. ‘Voice of Love’ is a popular program centred on overcoming hardship. Listeners often share their encouraging testimonies with other listeners.  
    Cassim wanted so much also to have his own testimony like those he heard. He reached out to the station.  

    “He is very talented and educated, but he had no hope until he heard ‘Voice of Love’, which broadcasts from Cuamba,” says FEBA Mozambique’s National Director, Bright Sonjera. 

    Cassim learnt he is loved and accepted by Jesus. He put his faith in Jesus and found new hope and purpose. He now has his own testimony which he boldly shares with many in love. Please pray for God’s restoration in Cassim’s life, and for God to use his testimony to touch many. 

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