Seven Mien Families Decide to Follow Jesus

    To many people among the ethnic groups within the hills of Southeast Asia, the world is ruled by spirits. They live in fear of ancestral spirits, nature spirits, spirits of the dead, and other spirits. Sickness, misfortunes, curses, or even death can result from offending a spirit. Shamans are popularly hired to conduct ceremonies to appease them.  

    K* was one such shaman.  
    “I have been a shaman for over 30 years and have performed several spirit ceremonies. I went to see the Mien people in many villages until the Mien people in three provinces know me well.  

    “I know that spirits can't save me. Once I die, I will go to be with a spirit. I don't want to go live with a spirit.” 

    Then one day K heard FEBC’s Ethnic Languages broadcast. “I heard the story of the origin of the spirit, Satan, who was driven out of heaven by God into the world. They deceived people to worship them instead of God. I also heard the story of Jesus. If we believe in Jesus, we will be with God in heaven once we die. He rescues us from evil. God saves us from sin.  

    “It made me think hard. What should I do next? How can I abandon the villagers asking me to perform their spirit ceremonies? The significant income from performing spirit ceremonies will disappear. And what about the precious idols I had accumulated for a long time? 

    Burning items of idol worship.

    “In the end, I decided to choose a new path of life – the way that brings life and hope to me. I decided to become a Jesus believer. I threw all the idols I had collected.  

    “I left everything about the spirits behind and started reading the Bible. Now all the villagers who don't believe in Jesus don't like me. I attend church, and Christian brothers and sisters taught me to pray. After believing in Jesus, I feel very comfortable and happy.” 

    *Name abbreviated to protect the identity of the individual.

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