Ukraine: Life from the Ashes

    24 February 2024 marks two years since war started in Ukraine. Families have been torn apart by trauma, stress, and long separation. But God is bringing new life and a peace that surpasses all understanding amid the devastation. Through FEBC’s team of evangelistic counsellors, people are experiencing God’s healing and restoration. Thank you for your persistent prayers! 

    Counsellors from FEBC Ukraine help people find God and His peace and hope 12 hours a day.

    Love that casts out fear 

    Marta’s husband had been a soldier for several years and, though Marta had been a soldier as well, the fear was beginning to take a toll on her. 

    “I cry all the time,” she said. “I’m so afraid, for myself, for my husband. My hands start trembling every evening,” she said. “That’s when the missiles start flying.” 

    Marta had many questions about Christianity and God, asking FEBC’s counsellors about the meaning of Easter.  

    When they shared the meaning of Jesus’s death and resurrection with her, Marta was very moved by God’s love. She prayed with the counsellors, putting her faith in Jesus. Then they prayed for peace and protection for Marta and her husband. 

    At the end of the conversation, Marta was excited about visiting a church and counsellors connected her with one in her city.  

    Solar powered radios are given to soldiers so they can listen to stories of hope on the frontline.

    Fresh hope in the waiting 

    “It’s been three months,” he said, “and I’m not getting better. I’m afraid I’ll end up disabled and unable to work. My leg just hurts so much,” a Ukrainian soldier shared with counsellors on FEBC Ukraine’s prayer helpline. He had been injured in the war and was now at home. 

    Throughout the call, the soldier’s wife could be heard in the background, talking about how she should file for divorce.  

    FEBC’s prayer counsellors talked with him, telling him about God’s grace and love. They prayed for him, for God to heal his leg, and for his fellow soldiers who were still fighting. 

    He became emotional after the prayer, saying, “Your prayer is the best thing that’s happened to me since the war began. I can feel that what you are saying about God is true. Thank you, my friends!” 

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