Ukraine War – both sides are desperate for peace

Eastern Ukraine continues to deal with heightened tensions and the threat of war. The situation is incredibly volatile, and the anxiety and PTSD people are facing, especially soldiers, is immense. Whilst everyone lives in hope that negotiations will bring peace, FEBC Ukraine continues broadcasting to more than 250,000 listeners on both sides of the conflict who are traumatised and desperate for peace.

Russian and Ukraine Director, Victor Akhterov, writes:

People are tired and scared. They have been living with this uncertainty since 2014. Sometimes they get a small moment to exhale, but the anxiety remains because no one knows what’s coming next.

Alarmingly, in 2020 more Ukrainian soldiers died from suicide than from enemy fire. More than 1,000 soldiers have taken their own lives during the war. The depression, lack of purpose, and psychological anguish are staggering. Very little help, if any, is provided by the government to soldiers living in these danger zones.

Our phone helpline receives more than 1,500 calls a month from listeners who need hope. A human voice, understanding, and deep listening skills are what’s desperately needed. We have 16 counsellors, four staff, and 12 volunteers. We also partner with chaplains and psychologists who are there to talk, listen to stories, pray, and connect callers with other organizations and assistance on the ground.  I thank you for your prayers and support during this critical time.

FEBC remains committed to using media to provide hope and practical acts of love in all seasons. We connect with listeners through radio, phone helplines, the internet, mobile apps, SMS, and social media to bring comfort, hope, and love in times of desperation.

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