International Day for the Unreached

Nearly half of our world or 3.2 billion people are denied access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

There is no church, nor access to Bibles, and no Christians among them. The reasons are many, but the biggest reason is funding.  

Only one percent of global missions funding go towards reaching the unreached.  

This is the reason why we are focusing on partnership through prayer to call the Church together for International Day for the Unreached, to uplift and intercede for the third of the population who have yet to hear.

FEBC’s mission moto is “Let them hear”. We will not stop until all people groups have heard the Gospel. And that is why FEBC broadcasts in heart languages throughout the world, reaching the hardest to reach through the media.

We are a part of the Alliance for the Unreached, with a vision to reach every people group.

On Pentecost Sunday, 28 May, we come together with churches across the nation and around the world to raise awareness and support for the unreached. 

Will you join us?

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