Warring for Peace

    When the Ukraine war started, neighbouring Moldova found itself with an influx of over 700,000 Ukrainian refugees. Despite being one of the poorest and smallest countries in Europe, the landlocked country has warmly welcomed over 100,000 Ukrainians who have chosen to remain.  (Pictured above: Even before the war, FEBC Moldova’s broadcaster and her husband have been taking neglected and hurt local children into their own home.) 

    But the war has rattled the country. There is a constant fear of the former Soviet Union state being next in the line of fire. Within the country there is a separatist state, militarily and politically supported by Russia. Russian TV news and political shows are now banned in the country, but the media still plays out the pro-Russian or pro-West division amongst the people.  

    Broadcaster Ilia Bodnari and his wife were helping thousands of refugees, including family members of FEBC Ukraine’s team.

    Agents of peace 

    FEBC Moldova is combating fear and division with the peace and love of Jesus. Even before the war, one broadcaster and her husband have been taking in parentless children to raise in their home. When refugees crossed over, the team stepped in to help hundreds of families. The team also distributed thousands of radio programs on USB drives and other carriers. These programs, prepared specially for the refugees by FEBC Ukraine brought much hope and comfort. Over 70,000 refugees were helped, out of which nearly 80 people were served in deeper, life-changing ways.  

    God is using the ministry’s radio programs on seven stations and videos on social platforms in both Romanian and Russian, to reach those desperate for peace. The videos have been viewed more than 18 million times, and hundreds of meaningful conversations started. The ministry was also a critical support when some FEBC Ukraine stations could no longer broadcast. 

    FEBC Moldova has programs for children and teens too.  

    Finding true peace 

    Ivan was one listener who contacted the station. On the surface, Ivan’s life seemed fine – he had an apartment, a car, a job. But tormented within, Ivan often harboured suicidal thoughts. 

    “When I’m stressed, I will barely sleep or eat for weeks. What can I do?”  

    As FEBC counsellors addressed Ivan’s questions, they began to talk about faith. Ivan was eager to talk about God. 

    “I didn’t use to believe in God,” he said. “But last Sunday I went to a church. I wanted to become a Christian. It was all very ceremonial though, and it happened quickly. I didn’t understand what really happened.” 

    Counsellors shared with Ivan about God – about life, sin, repentance, and God’s love.  

    Ivan listened eagerly. “I so desperately want this!” he said.  

    Ivan prayed a prayer of repentance. Afterward, he said, “The tormenting feeling is gone! This is such a huge relief, thank you!”  
    Ivan found the true peace that can only be found in Jesus. 

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