Warring for Peace

When the Ukraine war started, neighbouring Moldova found itself with an influx of Ukrainian refugees whom they have warmly welcomed. But the war has rattled the country and FEBC Moldova is combating fear and division with the peace and love of Jesus.

“Because You Are Christian”

Pakistan has the second largest Muslim population in the world. FEBC’s partners have been quietly changing mindsets about Christians through their faithful, humble service to the poorest of communities. Like Jesus, they have been reaching out to the lost, the forgotten, the marginalised.

“Because of Your Prayers, I saw Jesus Christ”

Afia* reaches out to her scalp. The itch is unbearable, but so is the sting from the open wound on her head. The Afghan widow, mother of two and refugee in Indonesia, whose husband was killed by the refugees is at the end of the line. There are many Farsi-speaking refugees like Afia whom FEBC Indonesia is reaching out to.