A lifeline for some of the hardest to reach

As a follower of Christ, you want your life to make a difference for God’s Kingdom. But what impact will you make after God calls you home? During this season of worldwide pandemic and uncertainty, a number of our FEBC community are contacting us to update their gifts in will. A lifelong supporter, shares why she has chosen to remember FEBC in her will.

“My first memory of FEBC goes back 26 years! I thank God for the many who have been saved through your global media ministry over the past 75 years. We all try and do ‘our bit’ to share the good news. Throughout my life, I’ve prayed for the work of ministries like FEBC, and when possible I make donations. Recently, I updated my Will, and after remembering my family, I’ve left a gift to FEBC Australia.”

 Thinking about a world which we’re no longer part of isn’t easy, but in doing this you can continue to support our vital ministry sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Is it the right time for you to create or update your Will? If you would like more information or to speak personally about leaving a gift to FEBC Australia in your Will, please call Leonie, on 1300 720 017.

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