Combating Violence with Love

    Some figures you don’t want to see climbing. In the case of Kyrgyzstan, it’s domestic violence. But even then, the true figures are unknown since most remain silent because of societal stigma and pressure. According to the National Statistics Committee, 92% of domestic violence abusers are husbands.  

    Listener Mukhabbats* situation is not uncommon. “I am living in the South. I have a family and children. My husband has become a street preacher of Islam. He often is gone from home for weeks. When my husband is gone, my father-in-law becomes my ‘boss’, telling me what to do and how to live. My husband is quite abusive. I am living like a slave at home. I am doing my five daily Muslim prayers. However, there is no hint of God’s peace, love, or excitement within me.”  

    Whilst the authorities work on the legal and support framework to combat domestic violence, FEBC Kyrgyzstan is changing mindsets towards marriages. Programs such as ‘Formula for the Family’, broadcast from six FM stations across the nation, provide tips on creating healthy marriages based on biblical principles. It’s advice that many have not heard before. 

    FEBC Kyrgyzstan’s team reaches out to families both on-air and off-air.

     God saved my family through your broadcast. Most changes begin with me. With God’s help, I changed my attitude towards members of my family. I learned to respect them and value them. We have gone through difficult times. Nevertheless, by listening to your broadcast for the last five years, many things have changed for the better. Thank you!” Shumkarbek*, Kyrgyzstan 

    Those who need help with domestic issues now also have a place to turn to.  

    FEBC Kyrgyzstan’s talk show host contacted listener Tazagul* when she reached out to the station: “For two weeks now I have been contemplating killing myself. I simply cannot take the abuse from my husband any longer. It is mainly with words. Nevertheless, I simply can’t go on like that and do not see any other escape.” Tazagul later replied, saying how she was sure that FEBC’s broadcasts are helping many like herself. 

    For Mukhabbat*, the broadcasts led her to the truth. “I started searching for truth, searching for the living God. What for are we on this earth? For what are we suffering? Your broadcast seems to give some meaningful answers to my quest. Unfortunately, you are so far from where I live. I have not found any Christians in my area. Thank God for your broadcast. It is my only source of encouragement.” 

    Watch families reached in remote Talas, Kyrgyzstan:

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