FEBC launches new frequency program

FEBC Australia is launching a new membership giving program with the intention of taking its supporters even closer to the work being done in FEBC’s more than 50 mission fields across the globe.

“The 2.2 million listener responses each year we receive from our fields show the tremendous impact our radio and internet ministry has. In fifteen minutes of radio time, a thousand lives can be touched by Christ. Our media mission crosses geographical, social and physical boundaries: reaching the least, the lost and the forgotten. FEBC Australia wants to show our supporters at home how great the impact their gifting can have,” explained National Director, Kevin Keegan.

FEBC’s faithful supporters already receive newsletters and prayer notes about the work in the field. “Yet so many of our supporters are thirsty for more. We receive calls into the Australian office asking after specific field directors, such as in Russia or Mongolia, seeking insight from the fields and extra points to pray over. As a mission we are constantly encouraged by this, and wanted to share this encouragement direct with our fields who greatly appreciate the ongoing prayer and support.”
He added: “We only need look at how we gather our information in Australia: from airwaves, internet, social media, blogs, audio and visual to understand how broadly we seek to connect.”

The result: FEBC’s new Frequency Membership Gift program. FEBC Australia is encouraging ongoing support from $15 a month and, alongside additional prayer points and news bulletins, will provide members with bi-monthly webinars with field leaders, taking supporters on live, direct ‘e-visits’ via webinar to field operations such as Russia, Ukraine, North India, Mongolia and Africa in 2017.

“FEBC Frequency members will have opportunities to ask questions and move closer to the range of people and projects their prayers and donations are supporting,” said Rev. Keegan. “At FEBC we use radio, internet and media ministry to open hearts and encourage two-way dialogue with our listeners. It makes sense for us to afford the same opportunity between our supporters and our missions across the world.”
Keep an eye out in February when Frequency is launched.

Email office@febc.org.au to register your interest.

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