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Frequency Partners Update

It was a pleasure to connect with Dan Cura, President of FEBC Philippines, in our Frequency Partners webinar last month. Thank you to all the Frequency Partners who joined live, and for everyone else who has since listened to the replay. Dan shared news including:

  • How FEBC Philippines approaches its programming: “We are on air, online and on the ground. Traditional radio on air, online with radio streaming, and then radio with hands and feet: we work with churches and people on the ground…… FEBC Philippines is not a radio station for Christians. We are a radio station for mission, for people who still do not know the Lord. Yes, we have some encouraging programs for those who believe, but primarily we exist to reach the unreached.”
  • How they think about tribes: “I think we can make the mistake of thinking about people groups as tribes such as tribes in Africa. But people groups can be generational. Like our Okiddo radio program for children that is produced and presented by children. We’ve empowered and raised up people to speak to people just like them: kids broadcasting to kids. By giving the microphone to the kids we can support them and let them speak to their own.”
  • The importance of partnerships: “Programs like our business radio show that helps teach and train people to get qualifications, that could not have happened without the help of the technological institute that we work with. They are our hands and feet on the ground.”
  • Taking program ideas from listeners: “We like to research from the people who are there on the ground and the groups that call in… for example, we started a new type of millennial show via online streaming. So the old guys, the baby boomers, decided to step back for a while. We had a meeting with a group in their twenties around a table. They made the ideas, they said we are going to call it Now XD. Why? Well, the Gospel is now. And why XD. Because X is Christ. D is digital. XD is also an emoticon which is smiling profusely. I didn’t know that! But they did. So the ideas come from the people themselves, that’s how we cultivate it. Rather than saying this is what we want to give you, tell us what you need so we can offer it.”

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