Frequency – Testimonies from Thailand

Testimonies from Thailand and the hope and joy delivered by FEBC’s Heart Friend Program.

“Greetings to Khun Jiap and all the Team of Good News broadcasters. May God bless each one in the team with good health.

As for the content, it is deeper and even more precious than before. I have received much blessing from listening. Sometimes I put the program on for my neighbours to listen and they hurriedly turn it off. Satan doesn’t like them to hear the Word of God!

But as for me who is a Believer in Christ, when I hear I get strength of heart, my spirit is refreshed and even though I have listened, I want to hear more.

Listening to the Heart Friend program changes lives. Our lives will improve from the Word of God because the love of God. Now I have stopped being too sensitive and also stopped resenting my life as a handicapped person because God loves me and I have to love my friends in the world. Even more than that – I am child of God. Thank you so much to the radio team for writing letters to me and giving me encouragement. May God bless you.”

Also, many Thai people commit suicide because they think there is no way out, yet Heart Friend from FEBC Thailand helps them see a new path.

“Thank-you that there is a good, good program to be encouragement to those who don’t have a way out in the problems they face in life and also is of benefit to listeners everywhere. It is strength to the heart and helps us to think of the truth. The world isn’t just one sided and within our hearts there is a way out. There’s always an answer.”

Ms JJ – first time letter writer

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