Fruits of the Godly Woman

In Mongolia, the Arum program is produced for women, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of being a woman. The community context is that most housewives in Mongolia devote most of time to their family and children, leaving not much time for themselves.

“Women often struggle with their roles of being a mother and housewife while being employed. The program aims to help them to find the balance and feel loved and appreciated in all they do as well as bring up their children,” explained Bat Tuvshintengel, director of FEBA Mongolia.

In the first six months of 2018, 22 one-hour episodes of the Arum program were produced and aired, and each episode was repeated twice a week. The topics covered included nurturing children properly, women finding their inner-self, employment, and how to succeed in combining work and family.
In wonderful cross-pollination, in March a Fruits of the Godly Woman conference was organised for women by the Darkhan Women’s Council, a project that FEBC Australia has been specifically supporting.

“It was a great time and well attended with about 100 women participating. FEBC Mongolia representatives talked about our station operations in Mongolia as well as sharing details about some of the programs,” said Bat.

During the women’s program, listeners call in to share their comments and opinions. “Our regular listeners’ encouraging comments and stories are the most valuable sources for us to determine our impact of this radio project,” explained Bat.

Following are two listeners’ feedback stories shared with FEBC Australia:

“My name is Otgonbayar. I’m 37 years old and I live in Darkhan city, in northern Mongolia. When I was an unbeliever, I always felt I was not worth anything. I was not sent to school as a child and therefore I did not learn to read or write. I was lost with very low self-confidence. But today things are different: I learned to read and write as an adult and I started going to church in Darkhan. I later found my way to Bible school and started listening to the “Thru the Bible” program while there. I now believe in Jesus and am more confident person.”

“A friend from church gave me a Galcom radio (a radio with a fixed frequency to FEBC Mongolia). I am still single, but I am keen to listen to programs targeted to couples and mothers. I believe it is good preparation for me to listen to such content about family life and communication between spouses before I marry. I especially like to listen to the Bible programs. I follow from the Bible while listening and I’m learning a lot. God created me and loves me. I know that now and I have confidence. My heart has been healed.”

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