God’s Harvest in Pakistan

“Praise God for His encouragement and your support as, after much dreaming, prayer, investment and hard work, our small team of two have begun a new on-air program reaching Northwest Pakistan,” reports our FEBC Australia partner HCR Pakistan.

The program is designed to build community engagement and education. Named In My Opinion, the host poses a question like, “If we do not wash our hands before eating what will happen?” and the community is encouraged to call in and answer.

Future subjects include the impact of standing dirty water outside homes forming puddles, or dirty water coming out of houses where livestock and human waste is also present. The issue of drugs, poverty and issues relating to women are also topics planned.

This is a dangerous, unreached area of Pakistan. Through these programs, conversations are developing where testimonies are shared and people are responding to hope.

In other regions, God is also blessing the work of FEBA Pakistan. Their new shortwave program Noor-e-Sadaqt (Light of Truth), started just over a year ago, is successfully reaching rural and unreached communities with the Gospel message.

The program  is also shared on social media and is getting a great response from listeners. Using new platforms of Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Webradio and Mobile Apps there are great opportunities for harvest in Pakistan.

Listeners are also expressing their positive views by traditional handwritten letters, through Facebook comments, WhatsApp and SMS messages. “By the grace of God, we have sent Study Bibles and Bible Dictionaries (Qamoos-ul-Kitab) to non Christian listeners at their request so they can deeply study the Word of God with the help of these tools. We are sowing the seed of faith and hope it will bear fruit at its own appointed time,” said Shazad, CEO of FEBA Pakistan.

In follow up, listeners who show their interest in Jesus are invited to Seeker Conferences. This is done mainly with shortwave listeners where the Gospel is shared through 14 various programs.

Thank God that 42 listeners from 22 different cities and villages participated in a recent conference. One attendee said: “I am a new listener of FEBA radio and I am listening to FEBA programs with keen interest. I am so impressed by the style of programs and its teaching. I am attending this conference for the first time and many misunderstandings about Christianity have been clarified after attending it. I enjoyed this fellowship very much.”

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