God’s word is being shared among the Yao, despite COVID-19

We are pleased to receive news from our teams in Africa that, despite COVID-19 they are still sharing God’s word among the Yao people.

Director of programming, Amos Siyabu Phiri shares, We praise the Lord that during this lockdown so many listeners have tuned in and are responding to our broadcasts because of the fear surrounding COVID-19. This is a unique, yet exciting time for us, seeing many lives changed through our radio broadcasts and the radios we are distributing. This indeed has moved us to produce more programs so they reach many groups of Yao Muslims with the Word of God and inspire them to follow Him. Because of this, over 200 listener clubs have been created and many of those have been led to Christ. Indeed God’s timing has been vital and we really thank God for your prayers for our teams as they bring hope visiting people in the villages and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

The team spent time in the village of Malula in Balaka. One listener had this to say: We thank God for having our own radio which helps us to learn who He is. Many of us believed in charms and other Gods, now that the truth has come, we need to abide by it. I, Mercy Akidu have decided to follow Jesus Christ since your radio programs have inspired me. I would like to share with you that God’s word has not left anyone, but is now within us.”

Another Listener club leader from the town of Katema shares: I am very grateful today to have a friend who has helped us listen to the Way of Life programs. We did not know what God had planned for us in terms of life eternal. Listening to the Way of Life program has given us hope, since many of us believed to the unknown god. Now that we know the truth, we will remain in it.”

Please also pray for our partners in NE Mozambique and the 3 stations reaching ethnic minorities in the area.In recent months they have been going through many difficulties including terrorist activities. Pray for their safety, for them to share wisdom and messages of hope, peace and reconciliation, and for the men, women and children who had to  flee the area to find a safe refuge (location not disclosed for security).

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