Hamari Bediyan Impacting women’s lives for good

Around 85 people (predominately women) from remote villages in Dharkote and Barasi recently attended a spirit filled listener meeting. Many testifying how the program is impacting their lives for the greater.

Chandrakala, a listener who attended has five granddaughters. She insisted to her son and daughter-in-law that they must bare her a grandson – that she would not accept another girl into the family. As a result of listening to our programs a change came over her beliefs. She realised that welcoming a boy into their family is not in their control. That it is God who is the giver of all good things. She now understands that all her granddaughters are worthy of her love and have been given to her by God. She has also decided to give them an education, something she never would have considered if she hadn’t listened to our broadcasts. Praise God for this wonderful breakthrough.

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