Heart-to-Heart: From Atheist Hacker to Christian Broadcaster

    Mr. N* was a young Vietnamese man in Ho Chi Minh City. He was a skilled computer hacker and designed computer games. His family was Buddhist, but he called himself an atheist. A friend gave him a Gospel Speaker Box with the audio Bible. The first thing he heard was completely new to him: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and earth.” 

    For two years, he listened to our programs, seeking truth. He was given a Bible and attended church with his friend. Later, Mr. N prayed to receive Christ, and his life changed. “I was becoming a new person,” he said. 

    Using the Gospel Speaker Box, Mr. N witnessed to his mother, siblings, and close friends. They all turned to Christ. 

    Mr. N was a successful programmer, but he wanted to use his skills to share Jesus. Eventually, he joined the tech team in Vietnam – for a fraction of the pay. When asked why, he said: “The work here has eternal impact.”  

    *Name obscured for safety reasons.

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