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Christmas provides a unique opportunity for us to convey it's true meaning. It is a time to unite together in the spirit of joy, peace, unity, and love.

Tan and his family are an example of how a simple gift of radio transforms lives. He's a wonderful man, with a great heart and a giant smiling face. We had presented him with a radio. He held it as if it was a treasure to him. We remember he became very sober, very quiet.

He said, "This radio to me is the voice of God." With tears flowing down his cheeks, he continued, "I have become a believer in Jesus Christ, and I'm a follower. And then just after I became a believer, I shared the message with my whole family and the whole village, and now we're all followers of Jesus Christ."

For $35 each, or $90 for three, you can supply good quality radios that share Good News programs written, produced, and broadcast by locals in their heart language.

Give today and transform lives this season.

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