Listener quotes July’17


“I live with my parents because the company I used to work for went out on a strike. I lost all my property. I was ruined and my wife left me. Living in a basement, I had a hard time with depression. I only had one radio to rely on. One day, by accident, I heard FEBC-Korea. Listening for more than a year, I learned the life of faith and was able to overcome depression. Then I went to a church near my house. My life began to settle down as I got a new job and a new spouse also. Although she did not have faith in Jesus, I told her the gospel of Jesus Christ and treated her with respect. Now she opens her heart towards Jesus Christ and she is willing to walk by faith.”

“Three months ago, my lovely brother had committed suicide. I have been going through depression and insomnia after that tragedy, but now I have comfort and peace and have been recovering by the words of God and hymns from FEBC-Korea in Gwangju. Whenever I am alone, I am listening to FEBC, and I always find favour in God’s sight.”


“I am a regular listener of Family FM and it has helped me to strengthen my faith. I have learned to serve others being selfless. This has also taught me the role of women in educating their children and helped me to build my relationship with my husband and neighbours. I have learned a lot about what God wants us to know through the Bible by listening to this station.”


“I’ve been listening to Wind FM Family radio..and discovered a bible program. But I was non-Christian. However I did not turn off the radio and just heard…Through the programs, I understood that if Jesus would become a model of my whole life, I could become a good model of mother. So I decided to take help from Jesus for me and my children… I just listened to what Jesus had done for me. After I received Him, I started to go to the church. Now I always attend in a church and a growth group. I am more joyful, peaceful and powerful in Him.”

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