Listener quotes March ’18


“Not so long ago I lost my son. He still was very young, crossing the street, when a car hit him. This has impacted me more than I thought would be possible. I have all kinds of nightmares. My physical health also was impacted by this very much. Recently I found your station and now listen to it regularly. Your broadcast is somehow bringing peace to all that has happened. Indeed, there is no comfort for me outside of God…”


“Thank you for giving us a radio which has changed the whole village from known to unknown. Since I started listening to this program with a group I have learnt many things: like I was once lost but through listening to your program I have found Jesus Christ who is the Saviour of my life.”


“The radio program taught me about the Bible and how to be a strong believer in Jesus Christ. My favourite program is ‘Sunrise’ and every morning I listen to the broadcaster, Mr Rotha. I carry the radio to the field while I am working and hang it in the tree while I listen. Even though I am tired after working I like to study the word of God..From this radio program I can share with others and am more confident to tell others about Jesus.”


“I argued, questioned, and debated about God’s existence. The following Saturday I returned to argue some more. These ‘trying to prove I’m right’ sessions continued for several weeks. But the more I read the Bible, the more it proved me wrong. Especially when I read the part about my wretchedness and God’s way of cleansing. And then…I believed!”

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