Listener quotes May ’18

Central Asia, mainly from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

“I am 37 years old and live in Taraz, south of Kazakhstan. I am a single mother of two children. I have never been married. I went through two big betrayals with men, the result of which was my two children. Your broadcast today on habits had much to say to me. I understand now that due to my bad habits, I got myself into quite a mess. Not so long ago I heard about Jesus and His forgiveness. It changed my life. I feel forgiven and accepted by Jesus now. However, I still struggle very much whenever I think about my children. They have no idea who their fathers are. I feel so sad and sorry for them. I also still struggle with deep hate towards men in general. I pray to God about this; however, I still struggle with it. Maybe you will have a good suggestion for me. What should I do?” – Gulshat

“I am 26 and single. Lately, I am thinking much about real life issues, my purpose for living, and eternal matters. You talk a lot about God. As a Kazakh person, I tried to read the Quran. It did not make much sense to me. I also tried to read the Bible. It is somewhat different, but still full of mystery. You seem to know much about the Bible. Maybe you could help me out. I truly want to learn about the real and true God. I have had some moments when I felt God’s protection. Since you talked today about “selfies,” not so long ago I made a selfie while driving and almost got into a terrible accident. Somehow a “thank you, God” came out of my mouth at that moment. I really felt that God protected me from that accident. I guess I do believe in God after all.” – Marat

“Your talk today on shopping-dependency was totally about me. You wouldn’t believe how much trouble my shopping habit created for me.. It began so small, but I ended up losing so much. Thank God for a friend who stopped me and actually directed me to God and encouraged me to depend on God for deliverance of my bad habit. I am now at peace with God, which is of most importance. I have true joy in knowing my Savior Jesus. Actually, I enjoy life now in a much more real way, even though I own much less stuff. As for me, it was a necessity to get rid of my credit cards. I would like to tell everyone who struggles with similar issues to trust God and get rid of credit cards and live according to your means.” – Alia

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