Frequency Update: Prayer Points

  • The biggest challenge in Kyrgyzstan is to find great, local communicators. Please pray for believers who are mature enough in their faith to produce local Gospel broadcasts that are true to scripture and theologically sound
  • Overcoming the terrible alcoholism that plagues all of the former Soviet Union, including Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan
  • Continuing freedom from the government to allow FEBC to operate without restrictions based on religion
  • Praise God for the initial Bishkek station (FM100.5 since 2012)
  • Praise God for the Issyk-Kul station (FM88.8 since 2015)
  • Praise God for the Toktogul station (FM88.3 since 2016)
  • Praise God for the Talas station (FM89.8 since 2918)
  • Praying for the Naryn FM station (FM87.5, to launch in south-east by northern Summer 2019)
  • Please continue to pray for Rudi and all the team who work tirelessly in Central Asia
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