Pastor Osien Pho Pon and Wife - Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia

Marriages restored in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country still recovering from the horrors of the Khmer Rouge regime, which sought to destroy ideas of loyalty and community, replacing them with betrayal and isolation.

FEBCambodia continues to impact people with its Voice of Love radio programs, reminding people of the importance of their relationships and Christ’s grace. Praise God for the healing that takes place, including this wonderful testimony from a listener:

Before I accepted Christ as my saviour, my life was lived in the darkness. I really wanted to see the light shine in my family. I stayed with violence and bad situation in my family.

My husband, he was the one who liked to drink wine and always came home late night. One day he forced me to take my second baby out, because life was full of difficulties.

Thank God who guided me to meet my Pastor and he taught me how to pray, and I believed the Real God who is Jesus Christ came to save me. By grace of God, the Pastor gave me the radio and he introduced me to hear Christian Radio FM99.8MHz.

Day-by-day many programs of Family FM comforted and changed my family life. It was a miracle to my husband, he stopped drinking and loved me a lot. After Christ’s work in my family, we are planting cell groups around my village to teach God’s word to glorify God.

May God bless Voice of Love Cambodia to shine his Love to the Cambodian People.

Ed Cannon, Chairman of FEBC International and Mary Jean Cannon with Sokhen and her family.

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