Messengers of Hope amidst the crisis

Our thoughts and prayers extend globally to the millions worldwide suffering the effects of COVID-19 and those distressed by the mass hysteria surrounding the pandemic. With self-quarantine and isolation increasingly becoming a mandatory practice globally, FEBC broadcasts will be one of the only sources of hope, truth and life.

Given the widespread impact and its unpredictability, now more than ever, people will need to hear life giving messages. True to our responsibility as ‘Messengers of Hope’ found only in God, FEBC uses the broadcasts first and foremost, to help listeners understand His love and compassion amidst this dire situation. Many of our field countries are already producing additional content surrounding local public health messaging, however, it is also vital for our broadcasts to speak of peace and hope at a time when so many feel vulnerable and afraid.

Millions of people are cut off from the outside world or living in regional communities where critical information on how to stay safe and protected is unavailable. Radio plays an important role in delivering news to the most remote communities and providing timely life-saving information in an emergency. It is also a platform to encourage open discussions and feedback on a range of important topics.

Our on-air teams around the globe collaborate with churches to intercede for the various needs and challenges related to crises such as COVID-19. Christian leaders and pastors, now more than ever will regularly be called upon to lead on air and online prayer and church services to be broadcast through FEBC stations.

Radio is frequently rated by communities globally as one of the most trusted and commonly used channels of communication making it a vital means to engage with communities about the Coronavirus. This is done through public service announcements, interviews with authorities, news coverage and prayer times. FEBC and the programs produced in heart languages are key to getting these messages out, alleviate fear, educate, and bring hope, support and encouragement to people globally. For millions, FEBC programs may be their only source of relief and assurance.

FEBC has faced unprecedented operational and programming challenges as a result of COVID-19 and our faithful teams around the world have lifted to meet this challenge. Utmost importance is guaranteeing reputable sources of information which has been critical to listener’s awareness of the pandemic. Our broadcasters identify information from trusted local, national and global sources, accurately describing the COVID-19 situation, especially in our listener’s communities. Our FEBC teams are working hard with community service leaders, trusted connections, and many missions, NGO’s churches and others to keep our listeners safe and informed on-air and online. However, they need our support and prayers for they grow weary having served in this way for so long.

Please continue to pray that this worldwide pandemic may end and that those affected may find comfort in the messages they hear through FEBC broadcasts. May our programs reach the millions of hearts around the world crying out for hope, seeking purpose and answers amidst so much despair.

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