New Ways, New Lives

52% of Kazakhs are Muslim.  Only 0.61% of the population are evangelicals. The majority of the Christians residing in Kazakhstan are made up of Orthodox Russians and Ukrainians who have migrated to Kazakhstan.  

Whilst Christianity is not illegal, proselytizing is. What do you do when your mission is to share the Good News but you cannot persuade people to receive Jesus? You produce relatable content that reflects God’s love, which speaks to their issues, and that creates interest enough for people to contact you to find out more. In missions, this content prepares hearts. It is pre-evangelistic content.  

Traditionally, FEBC uses radio to reach the unreached. Now FEBC Kazakhstan is using a new methodology:  videos and social media for broadcasts.  

The team has produced videos across a wide range of topics that point people to Jesus. The Facebook posts on iconic people’s views about Jesus and background on commonly celebrated festivals, like Christmas, reached 280,000 viewers.  

Live talk shows on Nazar FM Media streamed online have received great responses. “Nazar” in Kazakh means “attention, view”. Counsellors discuss topics such as family, parenting, and youth with audiences.

Because of COVID, audiences have been asking more questions about life, death, and God! 

Listeners share how the programs have impacted them:  

“From my childhood, I have been very shy and insecure. I hated my legs. I hated to wear skirts. You talked about the inner value we have, which is of much higher value. I am beginning to understand that it is most important to listen to God, to understand how God sees me. This is changing my entire life. I can feel God’s healing within me.” - Altyn 

I like your approach that God can help us in any situation. I am a teacher; I never really took God seriously. But your broadcast makes me think.” - Marita 

The Way, The Truth, The Life
With pre-evangelism content underway, FEBC Kazakhstan has started a new broadcasting channel with more openly Christian material. JolShyndyq, Omi” (“The Way, The Truth, The Life”) includes video teachings and testimonies from believers. The channel even has short video clips on the life of Isa (Jesus). 

When audiences contact the team to find out more about the Gospel, the team can answer their questions without breaching the law

Watch a testimony from Kazakhstan:

The successful broadcasts have reached more than 100,000 Kazakh viewers, the majority of whom are Muslim. People have mixed reactions, but are not indifferent. The team follows up with those expressing real interest in Jesus, and partners with local churches to continue the contact and discipleship.

Some radical Muslims have left angry comments, giving the team the chance to make contact! It is not a coincidence that people of different faiths come across the testimonies. FEBC believes the seed is sown and, in God’s perfect timingwill bear fruit. 

Kazakhs are being reached not just through FEBC Kazakhstan in the country, but also through FEBC Mongolia’s Kazakh language broadcasts to the Kazakhs living in Mongolia.

This is one listener’s account: 

I am Kazakh. I am 51 years old. I live with my daughter in Nalaikh city. I am a single mother. Several years ago, my husband passed away. Before, I had no radio device. Then Galcom radio was given to me. I started to listen to the Kazakh language program. I heard the declaration about Jesus Christ. I understood that I had to decide. So, I decided to receive Jesus Christ as my living Saviour. I cried out to God, ‘O God, I want to receive You as my Lord’. I started to attend the local church with my teenage daughter. I usually tear up while listening to the worship songs and hearing about God on the radio program. The worship songs are very beautiful. Those songs tell me how much God loves us. Your radio program in the Kazakh language changed my life and my character.” – Gulsaule 

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