Listener Testimonies

"When I was tuning my radio, I accidentally landed on your station and started to listen every day. My life has changed and all my family decided to follow Christ. There is no church to attend in my areas and I don't know any other believer. Your radio is the only source for my spiritual life. Thank you!" – Northwest Africa

"I became a Christian not long ago and was always trying to be a good girl so that God loved me., Your recent message both shocked and inspired me. For the first time I realised that God loves me just as I am. He opened His arms to me before I know He existed! I was trying to earn His love. Thank you for the message of grace! I am growing as a Christian through your broadcasts." – Russia

"If I didn't have your programs to listen to, I would have ended my life by now. I had no hope and suffered many trials. But when I came to know God through your programs, I learned to trust Him, and now my life is different. I'm very happy God used you to teach me how to trust Him." - Laos

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