Praise God: Saladin’s Story

Saladin, from Malawi in Africa, had been a Muslim for over 38 years before becoming a Christian.

Saladin held a number of positions in local Muslim leadership. He was the secretary of the Muslim council in the eastern region of Malawi, and also worked as the vice president of the Muslim Teachers’ Union.

While in these positions and practicing his Muslim faith, he kneeled down to pray late one evening.

“As I was doing this I saw a vision. I saw Muslims, a large multitude of Muslims, who were weeping, and I saw my brother and I saw my uncle, and they were filled with sorrow. I saw that they were crying, saying, ‘Saladin, please rescue us!’”

Christ appeared in Saladin’s vision, which convinced Saladin to follow him. Saladin woke up and wrote down what he’d just saw. From there, he left Islam in search of the truth and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour.

“After I accepted Jesus Christ, I was rejected by my family and treated as an outcast. The Muslim Teachers’ Union told me I was going to be killed according to Sharia law. I told them that I wasn’t there to attack them, I am here to preach about the one true, living God.”

It continues to be a struggle for Saladin, yet he now goes door to door telling people to accept Jesus Christ. He has been threatened and scorned, yet God has protected him.

“After being a Christian for a while, I reached out to people for some more theological teachings so I could understand the Gospel better. I met Rev. Amos Siyabu, the director of FEBA/FEBC Malawi. He supported me significantly, encouraging me to hold onto Jesus Christ, and gave me an audio Bible and a radio, so I could tune in to FEBA/FEBC Malawi broadcasts. Because of this, when I meet with people to share with them about Christ, I use the radio and the audio Bible to convince them that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.”

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