Reaching the deaf and children in Vietnam

In a restricted country, FEBC Vietnam remains committed to implementing new initiatives to carry out the Gospel work. Most recently, FEBC Australia supported the purchase of three new computer systems for the programming and production of special materials to bring the Gospel to the deaf community and to children.

The computers will allow FEBC Vietnam to provide more 2D/3D animation, puppet interaction, drama programming and new media for the presentation of Bible stories and Gospel material.

“One area lacking in content in Vietnam is Gospel material for children. The best way to reach children is through 2D/3D animation of Bible stories, which is what the team will able to create with these new computers. But they are also producing audio-visual Gospel programs for all ages, including training material for churches and leadership development. And now they can leverage the visual content in their library with subtitles and sign language interpretation to bring the Gospel to the Deaf community,” explained Rev. Kevin Keegan, National Director, FEBC Australia.

In Vietnam, the deaf community consists of 2.5 million individuals and their ethnic language is sign language. The addition of the TV Box and mobile apps to FEBC Vietnam’s portfolio of media channels has opened up new doors to minister to those who are deaf.

“With this new capability to produce and deliver visual content, FEBC Vietnam will, for the first time, be in a position to serve them and present them with the opportunity to “hear” the Gospel,” said Rev. Keegan.

FEBC Vietnam has formed a small team of deaf individuals and is training them to provide sign language interpretation to its existing library of visual content, as well as creating new content of Bible stories for the deaf with sign language and 3D visuals. A weekly gathering of young people from the deaf community has also been started for fellowship and outreach in local churches.


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