From the depths of my heart, I want to thank you for the radio you gave me. I’m very thankful I can now listen to God’s Word every day

Thien- Vietnam

At ten years old, Thien* should have been enjoying her youth in a peaceful family, visiting with neighbours and enjoying school. But instead, her life was painful and confusing. That morning, her parents had told her of their decision to divorce.
She went to her friend’s mother, Linh*, for comfort. Sitting quietly, she started listening to the program that Linh was playing on a small speaker box which had been a gift from her church. The program was pre-recorded, from FEBC Vietnam. It spoke of the Bible’s teaching about family relationships.
After the program ended, Thien was full of tears. She asked to borrow the speaker box so she could take it home and share the message she had just heard with her parents.
Two days later Thien’s dad took her back to see Linh and asked if they could keep the box longer to listen to more programs. Linh was happy to share it with them and explained the many programs available on the SD card with the speaker box. Over the next couple of weeks they listened to “How to communicate with your spouse” and then the series, “Who God is and how to know Him.”
“My wife has been in depression for two years and our home is sombre and dark. Things have been getting worse and worse and we were fighting every day,” said Thien’s dad. “I finally gave up and decided to leave the family. But then Thien brought home this speaker box and told both of us to listen…”
Thien was thrilled when her parents went to see Linh again. Her father said, “We decided not to divorce, but to stay together, and we are here to ask you about God and about how to go to church…”
Two months later Thien’s mother became a believer and after six months she was starting to recover from her depression. Thien’s father continues to be part of Linh’s church with his family, but has not decided publically yet to believe.
Give thanks for the messages that are treasured in the hearts of hurting people. Pray for Thien’s family and pray that many more in Vietnam will have the opportunity to hear.

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