Testimonies of hope to inspire and encourage

“I was surprised to listen to your broadcasts. It reminded me of the old days when I used to listen to your programs on shortwave radio. I came to know Christ about 5 years ago through them. Although I have gone through very difficult times due to my faith, I thank God that He has protected and rescued me from the hands of the persecutors and saved my wife and me. Thank you!” – Anonymous Listener 

“Teacher, today I am so happy to meet you all in this group and listen to your radio program. I hear God’s Word. The Word has encouraged my heart to wake up to follow God and be strong in my faith. Thank you, teacher. Also, I would like you to pray for my family. I would like my whole family to be in God and believe in Him. ” – Listener in Vietnam 

“I can’t tell you how helpful your broadcasts have been for me personally, as well as the ambulance crew. We listen to your programs daily, and every time we are encouraged, blessed, and uplifted. None of us were religious before; not actually atheists, but never really paid attention to God. We now know that God cares for us and is a part of our lives. I pray to Jesus every day. And I know those on our medical team are very, very blessed by your programs.” – Emergency doctor in an Eastern Europe country

“The verses I’m hearing are really heart-touching. I must say how differently you are presenting your God in this selfish world. Keep sharing these lovely words as they bring hope, love, and kindness to many like me.” - Listener in Pakistan 

“My mother has been hospitalized for acute inflammation. I recommended she keep listening to FEBC Korea while she is in the hospital. One day, my mom confessed that while she was fighting against the pain she had focused on Jesus Christ by listening to FEBC Korea. It really gave her the strength to overcome her pain and situation. Thank you.” - Listener in Korea

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