Victor Akhterov joins the Going Global Campaign

FEBC broadcasts from eight stations across Ukraine as well as through online apps, social media, YouTube and even TikTok. FEBC Ukraine are producing programs to provide hope and support to people suffering through the pandemic and ongoing effects of war. A daily program called “Challenge” addresses issues including family conflict and violence, depression and unemployment; the goal is to listen to people’s concerns, provide hope and direct them to their source of real hope, Jesus Christ. In 2020, more than 40,000 responses, calls and emails were received from listeners. The team have also distributed over 4,500 radios to new listeners.

The team continue to provide a phone help line for listeners and have engaged several professional counsellors and many volunteers to assist with the volume and nature of calls. Whilst many calls from listeners have been absolutely heartbreaking, there have also been wonderful opportunities for ministering and sharing God’s great love. As part of our Going Global campaign, director of FEBC Ukraine, Viktor Akhterov, will be connecting with eight Australian Christian radio stations throughout March and April. He will be doing interviews and sharing stories of hope and healing. Please listen out for Victor’s interviews and continue to pray for the people of Ukraine. We’re excited for new hearts to be opened to support this incredible ministry.

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