Heralding Peace in Pakistan

    25 December is a public holiday in Pakistan to celebrate the birthday of the country’s founder. Pakistani Christians also celebrate Christmas – ‘Barra Din’ or ‘Big Day’. While 99% of the country’s population, or more than 237 million* people, may know about Christmas, they may not know about Jesus as God incarnate.

    For 49 years FEBC’s partner in Pakistan has been introducing the love of Jesus. Community radio programs give a voice to the voiceless. They address the people’s concerns with solutions based on Biblical principles. Free medical camps and media skillset training serve the least of the community. Programs that highlight the disabled serve those lost in society. 

    Giving a voice to the voiceless and serving the community.

    Giving a voice to the voiceless and serving the community.

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      Meeting Jesus for the First Time 

      On Easter and Christmas, the team can share factually about these Christian festivals. Listeners are meeting Jesus for the first time on-air or online. A** is one such listener: 

      “I am a teacher regularly listening to your FM program 'The Rainbow’. Most FM stations just play music and entertain. But this is a community-based program where different issues and solutions are discussed. 

      One day I tuned into your FM radio channel and there was an announcement that today was Christmas. I was amazed. I had not heard about Christmas and Jesus before. I have many Christian students in my school, but I never asked them religious questions. So, I listened to the whole special Christmas program.  

      The guest speaker, a pastor, explained about Christmas, the actual birth of Jesus Christ, and the plan of salvation in detail. I had many questions. Thank God the pastor explained them very well. I came to know about Jesus Christ and His purpose to come to this world. I believe Christianity teaches us love and peace.” 
      *Statistics from The Joshua Project 
      ** Name abbreviated for security reasons. 

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